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my journal
August 2012

Date: 2020-04-15 19:17
Subject: lovelocked;
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This account is strictly for friends only, or for myself, either way.    
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Date: 2012-08-26 23:00
Subject: Twenty-two: A Birthday Mixtape
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Music:Soran - 살빼지 마요
So the deal is, I told myself before that if I really like someone, I’m going to give him a mixtape of all the songs that remind me of him and what I feel for him. I’d totally give this boy something else he deserves (since he’s the best person in my world at the moment), but I can’t do that for obvious reasons, so I’ll share the mixtape to you and to all the Lee Sungyeol fans and Inspirits out there. Here’s a little something I’ve prepared for our beautiful not-so-little boy.

I love everything you dislike about yourself.Collapse )



1. Lucite Tokki - 생일 (Birthday)
2. Acoustic Collabo - 널 위한 노래 (Song For You)
3. Jung Jun-il (Mate) -난 좋아 (I Like You)
4. 10cm – 아메리카노 (Americano)
5. Lee Yurim - 언제나 나와 함께 해줘요 Acoustic Version (Be With Me Always)
6. Soran - 살빼지 마요 (Don’t Lose Weight)
7. Geeks - 커피를 마시고 Remix (Café Latte)
8. Donawhale - 우주보다 좋아해 (I Love You More Than the Universe)
9. Cloud Cuckoo Land - 다시 Acoustic Version (Again)
10. Ukulele Picnic - 아침 등굣길 (Morning 등굣길)
11. Hee Young – Let Me In
12. Daybreak – 팝콘 (Popcorn)
13. No Reply -끝나지 않은 노래 (Endless Song)
14. J Rabbit - 알고있을까? (Do You Know?)
15. Lucid Fall -보이나요? (Can You See?)
16. The Moonshiners – 열대야 (Fever)
17. Milk Tea - 왕자, 백마탄 (Prince Charming)
18. Love and Pop – On the Bridge
19. Standing Egg (With Windy) – 사랑한대 (One Love)
20. Urban Zakapa - Crush
21. Dalmoon - 수고했어, 오늘도 (Good Job, Today Too)
22. Yozoh - 그렇게 너에게 듣기 (Listening To You)

Download: [1-11] [12-22]
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Date: 2012-08-22 01:06
Subject: To Wherever You Are
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Music:Phantom - 어딘데
Since when did I start making icons... I was procrastinating, and yeah, might as well get a little productive. I was just experimenting with some colors, so these are just few. These icons come from INFINITE's photoshoot with W Korea for its September 2012 issue. Boys getting a little badass with some autumn clothes and rusty ladders and scaffolds.


And you’re right, this song’s about you as well.Collapse )

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